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Free Medical Camps

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Free Medical Camps

People living in rural areas have meager knowledge about basic health information. To provide quality medical facilities and training that will lead to the emergence of qualified medical treatment AGT Welfare Organization comes up with free medical camps. We team up with specialized doctors, volunteer nurses to take a lead in removing the diseases from underprivileged areas. Rural families suffer because of a lack of doctors and lack of hygienic practices/products. AGT take a lead to start a campaign, to bring awareness to those people living in rural areas. We started a chain of medical camps to provide basic medical information and free personal hygiene kits. In this way, they are able to improve their medical hygiene.


AGT works to bring health awareness to the rural areas of Pakistan. We are eliminating the deteriorated health conditions by providing them free clinical and medical advice and treatment. Most of these people are unaware of the leverages of visiting doctors. Resultantly people are more prone to poor health conditions and low expectancy of life.


Your donations will help AGT to conduct Free Medical Camps and help in transferring basic personal hygiene information. We educate the people about basic first aid and how they can conduct initial checkups and diagnosis of disease at the initial stage. We are conducting research to identify various diseases and infections in order to take control. These medical camps are organized with the assistance of the local community. This foundation has the capacity to offer free medical checkups, medicines, free ultrasound, free X-rays.  In this way, your donations can improve their quality of life and extend their life expectancy.

Long-Term Impact

This project has the potential to eliminate the backwardness of rural areas about basic health conditions. Through this project, we will help people learn about basic medical knowledge to improve their lifestyles in order to maintain a healthier life. When you educate a person, its impacts resulted in the collective form.  They can improve the lifestyles of generations.

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