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There is no limit in the welfare of humanity. We are working hard to achieve the goals of helping the ones in need. We need your Support and donation to get it done.

Free Dispensary

In rural areas, there are no such means of proper medical facilities for the poor people. AGT aims to build free dispensaries in such areas so that poor and needy people can also enjoy proper medical facilities.

Free School

Many brilliant students quit their job just because they don’t have the resources to pay the expensive fees of school. AGT will build free schools for such students who are the future of our coutry.

Small Business Startups

People nowadays don’t even have the capital to start their own business even not a small cart. AGT will help people for their startups so that they don’t need to spear hands in front of anyone.

Wheelchair for disbales

Many disabled poor children and adults cant even go to school or jobs just because they don’t have wheelchairs. AGT will support such disabled children, adults, or aged people to get rid of their dependencies.

Free Restaurants

AGT aims to open free restaurants in different areas of cities and villages to provide free of cost or subsidized meals to the poor people who can’t even afford 2-times of meals in this tough time.

Water Pumps

In many rural and urban areas, people don’t even have clean water to drink. They have to drink dirty water and in response, they get different diseases. AGT will set up hand pumps and tube wells in such areas so that people can drink clean water. 

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One additional unit of income can do a hundred times as much the benefit the extreme poor as it can to benefit you or I.

William MacAskill