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AGT provides giving ration bags to the poor and underprivileged people who can’t afford the daily bread and butter for their families. Food is the basic need of life. The aim is to reach out to the maximum number of households and provide them with food packs to beat hunger. Ration bags carrying essential food items to feed a family for a month at least. At the moment, the team is covering Lahore, and Sheikhupura and planning to make it widespread very soon. AGT team conducted the survey in their respective cities to identify the needy community. Many needy families contact us by themselves through our advertisements on social media and promotion banners. Their cases are verified first to avoid any inconvenience. We are struggling to find the right donors and to get enough resources to feed maximum households.


It is hard to gather huge amount for the ration drive to eradicate hunger. Although food is a basic human need, too many people are trapped in a cycle of hunger by forces beyond their immediate control, like poverty, disaster, conflict and inequality. Lack of food and basic nutrition may lead to health complications that can ultimately affect the ability to work in adults, being the main cause behind hunger cycle and poverty,


Your donation/Sadqa/Zakat will help AGT to achieve this target to feed the poor and make this drive possible. “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is what will make a difference in society. Drops of water may fill ocean so lets join hands in this noble cause.

Long-Term Impact

This project will help the families to get rid of shortness of food and hunger eliminating major health complications and will help them do something more for their families.